Johannesburg  |  South Africa

Walking into a building site, filled with dust and rubble trying to imagine the potential a space can have, is sometimes the hardest part of what we do as interior designers. As you can imagine, a building site is not the most inspiring of places. Yet this one had a beam of sunshine in the center - the client. Full-time-mum turned property developer, Gleneagles was where she had invested her heart and her soul. Her passion for the project was infectious and her principles admirable. Quality was not to be compromised, no detail to be overlooked. The brief was to give this old darling the love she deserved by taking her back to her art deco heritage. Once the renovation was complete we were fortunate to work with the new owner to furnish the interior. The two bedroom suites speak to masculinity and femininity, with the main bedroom in darker tones complete with an ode to the owners love of Nguni cattle while the guest suite, in dusty pinks, is soothing like his for his love of Jazz music. In the living space we created a gallery walkway with photographs of the city’s art deco architecture, a celebration of Johannesburg’s rich art deco history.

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